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What is DiaBuddies?

DiaBuddies supports children living with type 1 diabetes and their parents and carers to feel connected, confident and part of a community.

When your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus, it’s normal to feel different, afraid and worried. DiaBuddies offers fun events, informative educational sessions and a safe space to connect with other families on the journey with a child living with type 1 diabetes.

You don’t have to deal with your child’s diagnosis on your own. Managing type 1 diabetes in children is much easier when you have a strong support system.

DiaBuddies has been made possible through the generous support of our major donor Future Generation Australia and the Jeff Booth Foundation.

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DiaBuddies Events

Register for one of our events tailored for children with type 1 diabetes and their families.


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A place for parents and carers with children living with type 1 to connect, ask questions and feel supported.

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How to look after your mental health

  6.30pm - 7.30pm | Tuesday 12 October, 2021 

   Online - NSW/ACT/QLD

An informative online session for parents and carers of children with type 1 diabetes.

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Science of the Deep Blue! with Fizzics Education

   2.30pm - 3.30pm | Wednesday 22 September, 2021 

  Online - NSW/ACT/QLD

An online session for children with type 1 diabetes and their siblings. 

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DiaBuddies Day – Adventure on the Wild Side - Townsville 

    10am - 2pm | Saturday 4 September, 2021 

    Nome, Townsville - Qld 

Join us at Billabong Sanctuary for our upcoming DiaBuddies Day in Townsville. 

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DiaBuddies Day - Ninja Warriors - Highfields 

   10am - 2pm | Saturday 25 September, 2021 

   Highfields, Toowoomba - Qld 

Join us at Koojarewon Youth Camp for our upcoming DiaBuddies Day in Toowoomba. 

What parents say ...

“Please continue these events as it helps our children connect and feel like they can do anything. Today’s session with Bill Hope was great! Engaging and interactive.”

Online Children's event

“Thankyou. It was brilliant. Chris was such an inspiration and has really helped me. It really helped me overcome a lot of uncertainty I had around sports and high bgl and effects of the same.”

Online Parents & Carers event

“It has helped my child to make new friendships and helped myself as parent to understand more from other parents. Great day!”

Face-to-Face family event

Useful resources

Children at school

Young people & diabetes

Information about type 1 diabetes for kids, teens, parents, carers and schools.

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Diabetes in schools

A program designed to help kids with type 1 diabetes thrive at school.

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Diabetes Queensland ambassador


Empowering stories from others on the journey living with type 1 diabetes.

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